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Consummate Athlete Podcast

Author Molly Hurford and Endurance Coach Peter Glassford bring you the Consummate Athlete Podcast. We interview people who embrace multiple sports to lead adventure-filled lives and answer listener questions about training and health.


Past guests Include: Stacy sims, Stephen Seiler, Simon Marshall,  Kylee Van HornFrank Overton (SweetSpot), Dean Golich, Joe Friel, Marco Altini (HRV4Training)Alex Coates, Katarina Nash, Geoff Kabush, Ellen Noble, Phil Gaimon, Josie Perry, Stevie Lyn Smith, Gemma Sampson, Megan Roche, David Roche, Lori Nedescu, Matt Fitzgerald, Same Hale, Dr. Marc Bubbs, Christopher Mcdougal, Rebecca Rush, Kate Courtney, Kathy Herzog, Maghalie Rochette, Danelle Kabush, Steve Neal, David Epstein and Many More 

May 21, 2024

Join Peter and Molly as they discuss the common question of how much you need to train to be ready for an endurance race. Do you need to complete the race distance or duration, or both! Or can you get by with shorter rides, that might allow more frequency or quality training? 

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May 14, 2024

Explore the latest insights on heat adaptation and exercise performance with expert Dr. Stephen Cheung. Discover how heat adaptation impacts human performance and how it can benefit endurance training for masters athletes. Gain valuable knowledge from a recent meta-analysis and practical strategies to...

May 7, 2024

This week, we discuss a common question Peter often receives, that might surprise you! Although cycling typically takes place outdoors, many athletes now start to train for cycling while indoors on smart trainers. Some even begin cycling indoors before considering taking their cycling outdoors for training...

Apr 30, 2024

In this episode, we discuss a listener's question about training for two different types of bike races, like Gravel and Mountain bike, within a single season. We explore how your pst race experience, goals for each event and current training status can influence your approach to this challenge. Additionally, we...

Apr 23, 2024

In this episode of the Consummate Athlete Podcast, we dive into the challenges many athletes face with low motivation, burnout, or what we like to call the 'spring blahs.' As you prepare for early races and navigate through varying weather conditions, including continued indoor riding and messy outdoor conditions, we...