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Consummate Athlete Podcast

Author Molly Hurford and Endurance Coach Peter Glassford bring you the Consummate Athlete Podcast. We interview people who embrace multiple sports to lead adventure-filled lives and answer listener questions about training and health.


Past guests Include: Stacy sims, Stephen Seiler, Simon Marshall,  Kylee Van HornFrank Overton (SweetSpot), Dean Golich, Joe Friel, Marco Altini (HRV4Training)Alex Coates, Katarina Nash, Geoff Kabush, Ellen Noble, Phil Gaimon, Josie Perry, Stevie Lyn Smith, Gemma Sampson, Megan Roche, David Roche, Lori Nedescu, Matt Fitzgerald, Same Hale, Dr. Marc Bubbs, Christopher Mcdougal, Rebecca Rush, Kate Courtney, Kathy Herzog, Maghalie Rochette, Danelle Kabush, Steve Neal, David Epstein and Many More 

Sep 27, 2022

Saarim Aslam is a research assistant + psychologist at Oxford and the 
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Sep 20, 2022

We discuss listener questions about Cyclocross one of our favorite sports and one of the best disciplines to learn to love bikes! 

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Sep 13, 2022

Kylee Van Horn returns to the Podcast to answer Training and Racing Nutrition Questions. Topics include overcoming 'trouble' eating during races, inability to swallow while racing, beet root juice, how much carb to take in, post - workout fueling, stage races and race foods. 
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Sep 5, 2022

We discuss two listener questions today. 

1) Should you do intervals on the trail or on the road/track? 

2) How easy is too easy for endurance and how to set endurance zones. 


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Aug 30, 2022

7X World Champ. MTB & Gravel Hall of Famer. Author of Rusch To Glory. Emmy award winner for Blood Road. Founder of Rebecca’s Private Idaho… Rebecca Rusch joined us to talk about all things gravel racing, career longevity, how to decide on your next goal and so much more.
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